Spring life in Ljubljana

What can I say, we have put away the heavy jackets and it’s now time to pull out the a bit lighter jackets with colour and enjoy the amazing Spring. Slovenia being a small country, is an advantage for those who wish to drive to nearby countries to change the environment.

As for us who stayed in Ljubljana center the beginning of Spring looked more like this…

pic 1

Sun coming out, means getting out of the houses or apartments. Taking a walk, walking a dog, jogging, and the best one is meeting friends for coffee around the famous Ljubljanica.

pic 2

Prešeren square is the most common meeting point in the center Ljubljana. If you are new and have not yet mastered the pronunciation or no one has told you the story behind the Slovenian poet, then you can’t have missed the well known 3 bridges.


During sunny days, coffee shops and restaurants around Ljubljanica have their outside extensions full with both tourists and locals enjoying coffee, tea, ice cream or lunch outside in an amazing sun, looking over the river.

It is also a chance for street musicians to fill the city with melodies and stall sellers to exhibit their products which range from crafts to antics.


If you are new, or you are tourist just passing through, welcome to Slovenia and Ljubljana in particular. It is clean, small, safe, the people are friendly and even if the language seems to be a nightmare to some of us, quite a number of Slovenes speak English.

If you are coming from a busy country or city, this is your only chance to drive smoothly without worrying about traffic jam. When did you last walk in the street alone, all by yourself? If never, then you can have that chance here in Slovenia.


You can even learn some few words in Slovene, to go with your experience here………….

Oprositite (excuse me)

Kava z mlekom prosim (coffee with milk please)

Račun prosim (the bill please)


Dobrodošli (welcome) to the city of peace and the land of Dragons.

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