Logarska Dolina (Scary, but amazing)

Živijo / Hi from Slovenia,

I have moved through this small amazing country every chance I have got and I have always been fascinated, by how you can move from one place to another within no time. From the centre of Ljubljana, to the forest - if you love quietness. From the centre to the sea or lake - for a swim. From the centre to the mountain - if you're into hiking. From the centre to the border of the neighbouring country.

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I have loved how clean and friendly the small population of Slovenia is. Spending the evenings near Ljubljanica, sipping radler, pivo (beer), coffee, or a glass of wine depending on the mood, has always been magical until some few friends asked me to join them for a Saturday away to Logarska Dolina.

It took us two and a half hours, considering the stops and no highway, but it was a relaxing Saturday. Passing through nearly empty villages of Slovenia, watching churches, which are few yards from each other, looking at houses with blossoming flowers, looking out of windows and seeing cyclists, few people sitting outside enjoying šnopc.

The day felt like a dream I did not want to wake up from.

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We didn't intend to hike, but we were there looking at a small water fall, with a whole day a head of us. So we decided to get some where on top and enjoy the view. Then we were motivated by a lot of people who were hiking up and going down with their children. We were determined to get to the top of the waterfall, then we went as far as the top of one side of the mountain.

Maybe you do not have hiking gear now, we didn't have and so did almost everyone who was going up or down the mountain. Children and seniors focused on getting to the top with only simple jogging shoes. We took it slow, no rush and step by step we were at the top looking at this:

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...and in few hours we were down safe and sound.

That whole experience cost me 10€ everything inclusive. How did I do it? That is the importance of joining Groups or Meetups. We will have a whole blog about that soon. Maybe, when you're in Slovenia, you should check Logarska Dolina.

Please share your own story and let us know your experience.

Thank you for reading, leave a comment and share.

Hvala (Thank you)

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