Learn to say “NO”

I am sorry guys, I have not been able to write here lately, but I promise to be as consistent as possible. I am not talking about traveling today, though thought this would be important to note. we do not realise we are doing it until it’s too late.

Think about it, you might be doing it and so are your friends and family, but you think or they think it’s ok because the truth hurts more than a lie for a moment. Let’s face the reality, which one hurts more?

Learn How To Say “No”!

I don’t know about you, but I have seen a lot of people who try to impress everyone and they end up annoying them all, because they can’t keep up with their promises. But why would you put yourself in such a situation in the first place?. When asked by any one to do anything, you are given a choice and that’s up to you to chose yes or no. Do not make promises you can’t keep.

I repeat, do not.

I get it, a lot of people want to feel needed, so they say ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ to everything. When you say those 2 words to people, you raise their expectations immediately and they start drawing plans in their minds towards what they expect from you. Now with your keeping up with appearance, you try to buy yourself time to break it to them, that you can not deliver.

Not a nice situation.

It is so annoying to even look at that person again. It is way far more better to tell the truth and get over with it. It saves you and your friends time.

It might sound rude or selfish, but trust me, they will appreciate it with time.

If you have know some people in the same situation, please let them know that it’s not pleasant. They might not know that they are doing it, they might choose to avoid some people who were once their friends. Tell them that you know their problem and it is ok to admit it and to try and work on being able to say “NO”

Without excuses.

Inevitably, there is one excuse, which people use: “I didn’t say yes”. But neither did you say no, so that leaves a “maybe” and that is a chance.

If you find a good believer, that is all it takes.

I don’t really have a better word for such a person than being a liar. You might say that it’s too harsh, but look, why doesn’t the person just be straight and say ‘no’ when asked?


When a friend asks you for a loan, you either have the money and the will to lend or not. If you are asked to do something, you either want to do it, or you do not. It is that clear.

Dismiss the ‘maybe’.

If you are not sure, tell the person that you do not promise anything and base yourself on a ‘no’ rather on a ‘yes’, because it’s always relieving to hear the good news than the bad news.

When announced.

Hope this helps you to check yourselves. Have a lovely ‘yes & no only’ year 😉

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