I have not so far travelled a lot, but I have managed to get around the places I could afford without putting a whole in my pocket or in that of the person taking care of the expenses.



Traveling in general is quite expensive. It needs saving, researching and preparation especially if you are traveling to the country for the first time. People save for years to be able to make a trip of a lifetime and others just wakeup in the morning, choose a place to go and just go.


All these decisions to travel depend on people and experience. Those who have been traveling before, it takes them minutes to decide where to go next and their planning for a journey might seem so easy. If you have not been traveling, taking more time to plan is not bad at all but you have to decide at a certain moment and just go.


When I started out to travel, I could not afford a ticket or a visa to travel to other continents, not even to some other countries within the African continent. I wanted to travel far away to exotic places I show in magazines and movies.


I knew I did not stand a chance so I brought my expectations down and thought of how many places had I visited within my country. I was working in a hotel and everyday we receive tourists from all over the world eager to visit a lot of places I only knew by names but had never visited.


The tourists wanted the basic recommendations and I had no idea how these places looked like except looking at them in pictures and reading about them. I had to set my priorities right and my first trip was rafting in the Nile. I had an amazing experience, met lovely people who invited me for a trip to Bwindi. From there I went around to almost all game parks and reserves, I enjoyed every minute of everyday and I knew I wanted to travel again and again.



All these were road trips, I had never stepped on a plane and I was not bothered at all. There was a lot to see and I was grateful for the moments. After being comfortable with my country and even visiting some places more than once. I decided to go out to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan all by bus though somewhere I got a chance to step on a plane.


What am I saying, do not wait for ever to travel, start small within your comfort and that will create a foundation for other travels you have never even imagined. Do not go to a place because all your friends have gone there, if you can not afford it, put it a side and reach for those you are comfortable with and you will be surprised what you can accomplish when you trust yourself.


You know what they say, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

The choice is yours , to open the book or to leave it closed making up excuses.

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