Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

There places on earth worth visiting no matter what and Plitvicka is absolutely one of them.  With its verdant forest and tumbling waterfalls,  Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia’s famous tourist attractions and can lay claim to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.


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This place is breathtaking. Its waterfalls, caves, forest, boat drives, trains, clear blue lakes which look like big aquariums.

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I was hooked the whole time,walking around taking pictures and looking at what nature offered, and human had to preserve.

I  am not so sure how the garden of Eden looked like but boy this looked like something described in the bible.


It was quite hard to get around because of the population of the tourists around but who cares if you are going to enjoy the beauty. This is one of those places I would recommend  to anyone who adores nature.


The place is well maintained simple passages and other means of transport. The journey was cut short because of rain, but the spirit was still high.

The park has 16 stunning blue-green Plitvice Lakes, which are separated by natural dams of travertine limestone on the Plitvice plateau

The tallest waterfall at the park is Veliki Slap at 70 metres (230 feet) tall. The park is surrounded by the mountains Pljesevica, Mala Kapela, and Medvedak, which are part of the Dinaric Alps.

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I can not really describe well this place and how it made me feel but maybe you can swing by and decide for yourself if it might be the garden of Eden or no.


NOTE: Even if it is summer, it would be better to always pack an extra jacket, a pair of shoes and socks, umbrella or rain jacket. You don’t want to catch a cold and miss out on the fun.


As always, please pick up some few slovene words


River  – Reka

Lake   – Jezero

Mountain – Gora

Forest –  Gozda

Umbrella – Deznik

Ticket – Stopnica

Boat – ladia

Train – vlak

Bus – Autobus



Left – levo

Right – Desno

Straight ahead – na launost

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