Candida Overgrowth Syndrome

It is so sad how a lot of people can manage to sleep at night when they know that their actions are hurting lives. It took me long to understand what causes candidiasis and I spent a lot of money going from one doctor to another and even changed to herbal medicine which is more […]

Uganda (Part 2 – What you need to look out for)

A friend burst my bubble, at least that is what he called it and it got me thinking. We have all heard about how great certain countries are and we do not get to hear or to read about the challenges which some travellers face. If we do, they always conclude with “all was worth […]

Uganda (Part 1 – What you need to know)

GENERAL INFORMATION Famously known as “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is one of the top African safari destinations with the most thrilling unique attractions that are not yet discovered by mass tourists. A country presents itself with astonishing beauty of hills and mountains, sparkling lakes and river, a variety of wildlife and indeed with the […]

Logarska Dolina (Scary, but amazing)

Živijo / Hi from Slovenia, I have moved through this small amazing country every chance I have got and I have always been fascinated, by how you can move from one place to another within no time. From the centre of Ljubljana, to the forest – if you love quietness. From the centre to the […]